Apr 15

Pasta with Vodka Sauce


A couple of weeks ago my sister mentioned that she was going to make Pasta with Vodka Sauce for dinner.  I don’t think I’ve ever had vodka sauce, and now I certainly don’t as it’s traditionally made with cream.  We both were wondering what the purpose for the vodka was, so later that night I looked up a recipe for it in my Everyday Italian cookbook by Giada De Laurentiis.  She explains that the vodka cuts through the creaminess and gives it a little bit of kick (not spice, just a “kick”—I can’t do it justice).  I was curious, so I decided to try my own, using a hemp cream (since Jonathan can’t have the nuts).


Convinced by my mom that the alcohol would cook off and it would be fine for the boys, I proceeded with adapting the recipe, using the called for amount of 1 CUP of vodka (to my mom’s credit, I didn’t tell her how much it called for).  What was I thinking?  One taste and I knew it wasn’t going anywhere near the boys—it was like a bad Bloody Mary.  Irving and I powered through and ate 1 serving each and promptly threw the rest in the trash.  Ugh. Continue reading →

Apr 15

White Bean Salad Sandwich


Between Jonathan testing allergic to chickpeas and the new bean juice, er, “aquafaba” meringue sensation, white, or cannellini beans have really taken center stage in my kitchen lately.  They are so versatile—I use them in tacos, pasta, veggie bowls, and salads.  I often make them from scratch/dry, but I also like the little tetra pak boxes of them that they sell at Whole Foods.


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Mar 15

Jasmine Green Tea Latte


A few weeks back I had a weird 1 hour window between dropping David off at preschool and needing to be back at his school to help his class make dirt cups. Jonathan and I ran over to Whole Foods and while we were there I headed over to their coffee bar.  I was thinking of ordering some kind of Matcha green tea drink, but then saw a “tea latte.”  I asked the barista “is that made with any kind of tea?”  Yes it was.  ”And do you have [my very favorite] Jasmine Green Tea?”  Yes they did!  Sold.  I instantly regretted not getting a larger size because it was so yummy (they also add 4 pumps of vanilla flavor to theirs—no wonder it’s so good!).


As I walked to the car I also felt kind of silly spending more than $3 on a tea bag and some soy milk.  I suppose that’s the case with all coffee drinks, but this one felt particularly easy to do at home.  So I did. Continue reading →

Mar 15

The Rabbit Hole of Food Allergies—Down We Go


^^^ Hard to believe that it’s been a challenge to figure out what to feed this big guy!

It’s been two months since we (officially) began our journey down this rabbit hole of food allergies, and it has been a doozy of two months.  Yikes!  I have read more articles about allergies, looked through more food allergy instagram accounts, and chatted with more food allergy moms than I could count!  We don’t have a lot of answers yet, but I figured it was time for an update and a few pictures to show you what we’ve been dealing with.

^^^ Ready for a second round of blood testing.

To catch you up, Jonathan had an allergic reaction with severe hives and welts after eating a bowl of lentil soup two months ago.  We proceeded with allergy testing and so far Jonathan has been diagnosed as allergic to eggs, tree nuts (almond, macadamia, walnut, and hazelnut), peanuts, lentils, soy and wheat.  We believe soy and wheat are both false positives (common for kids with eczema to have false positives) as we have reintroduced both with no obvious problems.  The eggs I don’t really care about, other than the safety issue (if David ate a non vegan cupcake at a birthday party it wouldn’t be the end of the world, but it could be a serious problem for Jonathan to do the same).  We will retest the nuts when he is 18 months old by feeding him nuts under direct supervision in the doctor’s office. Continue reading →

Mar 15

Homemade “Boxed Macaroni and Cheese”


A few weeks ago David and I planned early in the day that we would have our favorite convenience food—Earth Balance Macaroni and Cheese—for dinner that night.  We usually pick up a box when we go to Whole Foods, so I assumed we had some in the pantry and went about my day.  You can imagine the sinking feeling I had when at 6 o’clock I went to grab the box in the pantry and found that we were all out!  Yikes!  With no plan B, and very hungry kiddos I decided to improvise with what I had on hand and see if I could replicate the taste of boxed macaroni.  Turns out that it’s not that hard to do, and it comes together just as quickly as the boxed variety.  I think this will be a regular staple for us, as it’s a fraction of the cost, is loved by everyone in my family, and I can control the ingredients.


david^^^ Kid approved.

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