Feb 16

Chocolate Swirl Valentine Bark

fried dandelions // chocolate swirl valentine bark

I’ve mentioned here before that Valentine’s Day is just no big deal around here.  February is a busy month for us—Irving’s birthday is on the 4th and David’s is exactly one week later on the 11th.  Between the celebrations for the birthdays—seriously, we are celebrating David’s birthday three different times this week—Valentine’s falls low on the priority list.

fried dandelions // chocolate swirl valentine bark^^^ Out on our not-Valentine’s date last weekend!

Irving says it’s a made up Hallmark holiday (yes, it mostly is), and he is just not into it. at. all.  Instead of going out for Valentine’s we go out for Irving’s birthday the week before.  And I celebrate with the boys by doing fun little things like sneaking strawberries into pancakesheart shaped everything, and little treats on the actual day!  And I make treats for myself :)

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Feb 16

Jello Jigglers

fried dandelions // jello jigglers

Do you guys remember the jello treats made popular in the 80′s?  Or 90′s?  Jello jigglers?  One would assume that these would be hard to veganize, as the main ingredient in jello is gelatin.  But I’ve found a work around and I present to you VEGAN JELLO JIGGLERS!

There is a great product on the market called Bakol Jel.  It is essentially vegan jello, made with vegetable gums for thickening, and without any artificial colors!  I’ve used it before as jello, and also in David’s birthday cakes from last year, and it works really well!

fried dandelions // jello jigglers

A few weeks ago I got an email home from David’s preschool teacher saying that the class was interested in trying jello for a snack, and that David had told them that a vegan jello exists.  She wanted to make some with the class and was so sweet to reach out and see how she could do it and include the entire class.  Bonus—the whole class gets to try vegan jello!!! Continue reading →

Jan 16

Living with Food Allergies—an update

friend dandelions // living with food allergies ^^^ Out for soy milk steamers with my bud—eating out has become possible again!

This past week marks one year since Jonathan was first diagnosed with food allergies.  I won’t bore you by rehashing all of the details that you can read HERE, so I’ll give you the quick cliff notes version.  At just 9 months old, after several sudden hive outbreaks and ongoing eczema we tested Jonathan for allergies.  He initially tested positive for allergies to wheat, soy, garbanzos, lentils, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, and sesame.  8 different foods.  Just reading that list makes my head spin.  I also can’t get over how little he was when we started dealing with this!

jonathan ^^^ One year ago.  Can not believe how little he was!

After a month or so we were able to add wheat and soy back into his diet and he has been fine with both of them.  In fact, “tof” (tofu) is one of his very favorite foods!  In June we were able to do a food challenge with our allergist.  He fed Jonathan increasing amounts of tahini (sesame paste) over the course of 4 hours and we watched for reactions.  He was reaction-free after eating a full tablespoon of tahini and we were able to remove sesame off of his list as well! Continue reading →

Jan 16

Orange Cacao Scones from Superfoods 24/7 + a giveaway!

fried dandelions // Superfoods 24/7Photo credit: Jackie Sobon.

When I got an email a few months ago asking if I would be interested in joining the book tour for Jess Nadel’s new book Superfoods 24/7 I jumped at the chance.  Her popular blog Cupcakes and Kale is filled with great recipes and photos, she has an adorable son who is just about exactly in between the ages of my two boys and I love seeing what other vegan mamas are cooking, AND she runs a vegan taco restaurant.  I had to know more.

I’m so glad I was able to participate!  Her book is filled with delicious recipes and gorgeous photos from the talented Jackie Sobon of Vegan Yack Attack.  The premise of the book is to incorporate superfoods into your everyday life.  While some super foods seem really foreign, like maca and goji berries, others are right under your nose at the regular grocery store—sweet potatoes, cinnamon, and strawberries!

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Jan 16

Fajita Tofu Scramble

fried dandelions // fajita tofu scramble

I’m back!  It’s been 4 weeks since my last post.  In that time I have hosted my first Christmas dinner, visited my in laws in California, and taken my 2 kids under 5 to a fancy resort in Mexico where they were the only kids for miles!  I’m not kidding, just adults, swanky margaritas….and my two little wild children!

fried dandelions // fajita tofu scramble

fried dandelions // fajita tofu scramble

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