Apr 16

Baconish—Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Shallots, a review and a giveaway!

fried dandelions // baconish

I am so excited to be sharing another great cookbook with you today—Baconish!  The premise of the book, written by Leinana Two Moons of the blog Vegan Good Things, is bacon!  Veggie bacon, to be more precise.  Each recipe in this book features a different type of plant based bacon—and they are all delicious!  We’ve tried several recipes from the book already, and have several more corners folded down for next week.

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Apr 16

Simple Oatmeal

fried dandelions // simple oatmeal

I love sugar.  I love anything sweet.  The sweeter, the better, usually.  But….I know that it’s horrible for me.  I go through fits and starts on my quest to cut sugar and I’m not normally very successful.

fried dandelions // simple oatmeal

Here and there though I come up with some low/lower sugar treats.  I’ve got Coconilla Ice Cream, Cold Brewed Coffee Milk, and Chocolate Crunch Granola.  Today I’ve got one more to add—Simple Oatmeal. Continue reading →

Apr 16

Strawberry Shortcake Cups

fried dandelions // strawberry shortcake cups

I’m so excited to be sharing a new recipe with you guys today!  I have been working so hard to get this one just right!  Last summer I made about a million peach/plum/berry cobblers.  I love a good berry crisp, but I will choose a cobbler over it almost any day.  I love that cake biscuit topping!  I experimented and tweaked all summer long, thought for sure that I had posted the recipe, and then sort of forgot about it as soon as the cooler weather blew in.

fried dandelions // strawberry shortcake cups

About a month ago Earth Balance announced a cupcake contest* and I got to thinking about something that I would like to enter.  I remembered my delicious cobblers from last summer and went to the blog to see my post…only to find that I had never posted it.  Whoops.  So I got back to work on the recipe, this time turning the cobbler into a cupcake!

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Apr 16

Balsamic Bean Salad

fried dandelions // balsamic bean salad

While it’s just the beginning of April, summer feels like it is in full swing in Seattle.  It hit 80 degrees this week!  Warm weather means a return to lighter food, less cooking, and trying to keep my kitchen cool.  It also means picnics and eating at the beach and the park, and foods that keep well in a cooler!

fried dandelions // balsamic bean salad  ^^^ Being tourists in our own city—checking out the Ballard Locks on a beautiful sunny day!

fried dandelions // balsamic bean salad  ^^^ Everyone’s happy that we’re on spring break!  Can’t wait for summer to start for real!

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Mar 16

Taco Soup

fried dandelions // taco soup

I think that most families have a core set of meals that they rotate through on a regular basis.  Growing up, Taco Soup was a staple for my family.  It feels like we had this at least once a week, although it was probably more like once or twice a month.  Taco Soup was always a hit with my brothers and sisters and I—probably because we got to load it up with tortilla chips and cheese!

fried dandelions // taco soup

Last week we had a chilly day and I started craving my mom’s Taco Soup.  I called her from the Whole Foods parking lot and asked for a quick run down of the recipe.  One of the ingredients in her recipe is a packet of taco seasoning, but she also made her own.  The only taco seasoning packet they had at WF was for spicy fish tacos and I knew I didn’t want to make the soup overly spicy so I went ahead and made my own.  The amounts below might seem like a lot, but they make this soup so flavorful!

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