Feb 15

But I Could Never Go Vegan Giveaway + Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Ice Cream


Today I am so excited to share a delicious recipe from Kristy Turner’s new book But I Could Never Go Vegan, and give away a copy to one lucky reader (jump ALL the way to the bottom to enter to win)!  Kristy is the blogger behind Keepin’ It Kind.  In addition to all kinds of her own great recipes, Kristy hosts a virtual cookie swap each Christmas bringing bloggers from around the world together—you may remember my Sugar Cookies and my Candy Cane Cookies that I shared the past two years.  It was an honor to be included, twice!

BIXNGV.Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream-1^^^ Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, photo credit: Chris Miller

When Kristy asked if I would like a copy of her new book I jumped at the chance!  I always enjoy her creative recipes and her husband’s beautiful photography.  Her book is just like her blog—beautiful pictures, fun creative recipes.  She has funny chapter titles like “It’s All Rabbit Food” and “But I Hate [Insert Vegetable Here].”  The recipes are designed to appeal to those new to veganism, but even the most seasoned vegan will find new ideas!

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Feb 15

Cherry Berry Cupcakes


The unthinkable happened yesterday.  David turned 4.  FOUR.  While we’re on the topic of David—are you all pronouncing his name like we do?  We say it in Spanish—“Da-veed”—(remember, Irving’s Dominican!).  Ok, good, all on the same page.


Yesterday my mom and I, and Jonathan too, got to join David at school for his special celebration.  His amazing teachers made him feel so special—a birthday crown, songs, being the line leader—he was in Heaven and it was fun for us to be a part of it.  He brought Surf Sweets fruity gummy hearts for his store bought, nut free snack and they were a total hit!  We spent the afternoon frosting cupcakes, and then wrapped up the day with a family celebration!  It was a fun day for an amazing boy—I couldn’t be more proud of him.

david-photo^^^ Behind the scenes—David loves to take pictures with me.

David and I have been practicing his cupcakes for the past month, all in the name of research, of course.  He told me that he wanted pink cupcakes with cherries on top.  No idea where he got the idea, but he had a vision.  He calls these “Cherry Berry Cupcakes.”


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Feb 15

Fruity Valentines


This week is a busy one for us!  David’s 4th birthday is on Wednesday, and it is also his class Valentine’s Day party.  Since the party is doubled up, we get to bring Valentine’s treats and birthday treats.  For David’s birthday treat we are bringing Surf Sweets gummy hearts.  David loves them, and is so excited to share them with his friends.

david^^^ How is he already 4?

pear^^^ Composition and props by David.

david-photo^^^ My photo assistant—he has so much fun with this Fisher-Price Digital Camera that my parents gave him for Christmas!

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Feb 15

Cream Cheese Peppermint Patties


Valentine’s Day in our house is pretty low key.  Irving really doesn’t like the holiday—“why do I need a special Hallmark created day to say I love you?”—and with two little ones date nights are few and far between.  My parents babysat the boys last weekend so we could go out for Irving’s birthday, so we’ve reached our quota for the next few months, right?  So I’m making a Valentine’s treat just for me!  Cream Cheese Peppermint Patties!


Did I mention that none of my boys like peppermint either?  Bonus!  These babies are all mine!  This recipe is based on the one I have in my ebook—it’s still available to purchase by the way—for a bargain basement price of 99¢!  Lots of gluten free vegan candies perfect to make for Christmas your Valentine…or yourself!


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Feb 15

Coconut Hemp Cookies


We’re a week into this food allergy journey with Jonathan and we’re still figuring things out.  We had a great appointment with a new doctor yesterday who we really liked!  He thinks that we may have seen some false positives when he was tested last week (common for eczema kids), and we’ll be doing a blood test to confirm and rule out some things.  We’ll also be testing for some others—hopefully we’ll lose more suspected allergies than we’ll gain!  I’m hoping that we’ll get soy or wheat back on the menu (c’mon tofu and seitan!), but until then I’m reading labels, and making even more from scratch than I normally do.  This part, at least, might be a blessing in disguise!


A few weeks ago I made some almond milk and had reserved he pulp to make almond milk crackers.  Then we got Jonathan’s diagnosis and nuts were out the window.  So was the pulp.

cookies^^^ How much do you love these vegan bowls?  Check out Jeannette Zeis’ Easy shop!

So last week when I made my coconut hemp milk I decided to save and repurpose the pulp into crackers, just like I had seen with the almonds.  Because my coconut hemp milk is sweet I turned these into very subtly sweet cookies—think along the lines of a graham cracker, but with a different texture!  Give these a try—once you’ve made the milk this step is so easy!



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