A night out

Look at those fun lights modeled after the Tokyo subway lines

When people hear the word “sushi,” fish is often the first thought that comes to mind.  However, there are so many different types of amazing vegetable sushi!  In fact, sushi is one of my favorite picks when dining out!  Last night, after a much longer than planned day trip we decided to stop for dinner at our favorite sushi restaurant, Blue C Sushi.  This is a great place for our family to go…great food choices for all of our varied palates, lots of fun things to look at for David, and reasonable prices.  The small plates of sushi (like Japanese tapas) are delivered to you on a seemingly never-ending conveyor belt, which David discovered is like a train!  Another benefit to this set up is that the food is right there and you can start eating the moment you sit down, which is a huge benefit for families with hungry kids.

Here’s a look at what we enjoyed:

Look at that spread…and its just the beginning! Clockwise L to R: Tofu Rolls, Oshinko Rolls, Kappa Maki

Tofu Rolls: fried tofu, avocado, nori (seaweed), cucumber, rice

Oshinko Rolls: pickled radish, cucumber, nori, rice – my very favorite!

David’s Avocado Rolls: had to get a pictures of these quickly before he ate the last one…he ate two platefuls!

Potato Katsu: glorified tator tots…super yummy!

Garlic Green Beans: these green beans are incredible! Fried with garlic and sesame oil and served in a delicious garlicky sauce. I’m going to try to recreate them at home.

V8 Roll: Total sushi fusion. This is what you get when some of the sushi chefs have a Latin background….delicious avocados, tempura asparagus, and carrots, wrapped in nori and rice and topped with pico de gallo! This is one of Irving’s favorites.

The sushi “train”…entertainment for everyone!

 What is your favorite sushi roll?

Blue C Sushi (Bellevue Square) on Urbanspoon

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